Flarum translations monorepo

This repository contains raw translations data used by Weblate instance - an initiative to facilitate the translation process for Flarum core and community extensions. You can read more about the project on forum or in FAQ.

Supported languages

Language Maintainers Translation status
Chinese (Simplified) Littlegolden detailed translation status
Czech Jakub Theimer detailed translation status
Dutch Daniël Klabbers detailed translation status
Estonian aprold detailed translation status
French (core & extensions) Qiaeru, Hiobi detailed translation status
Georgian B3K4 detailed translation status
Italian Justoverclock detailed translation status
Japanese Littlegolden, rikusen0335 detailed translation status
Latvian edevrob detailed translation status
Polish rob006 detailed translation status
Sinhala Sayuri detailed translation status
Spanish Darkle, Javier S. Lirola detailed translation status
Turkish tolgaaaltas detailed translation status

If you’re maintaining language pack and want to add it to the collective, follow these instructions. Not sure what it is and if it is worth the trouble? Read features list.

Supported extensions

Click here to see detailed translation status for every supported extension.

Missing extension? Read this.

Official extensions

Extension name Package name
Akismet flarum/akismet
Approval flarum/approval
Emoji flarum/emoji
Flags flarum/flags
Likes flarum/likes
Lock flarum/lock
Markdown flarum/markdown
Mentions flarum/mentions
Nicknames flarum/nicknames
Pusher flarum/pusher
Statistics flarum/statistics
Sticky flarum/sticky
Subscriptions flarum/subscriptions
Suspend flarum/suspend
Tags flarum/tags

Friends of Flarum extensions

Extension name Package name
FoF Amazon Affiliation fof/amazon-affiliation
FoF Analytics fof/analytics
FoF Ban IPs fof/ban-ips
FoF Best Answer fof/best-answer
FoF Byōbu fof/byobu
FoF Cookie Consent fof/cookie-consent
FoF Custom Footer fof/custom-footer
FoF Default Group fof/default-group
FoF Discussion Language fof/discussion-language
FoF Disposable Emails fof/disposable-emails
FoF Doorman fof/doorman
FoF Drafts fof/drafts
FoF Filter fof/filter
FoF Follow Tags fof/follow-tags
FoF Formatting fof/formatting
FoF Forum Statistics Widget fof/forum-statistics-widget
FoF FrontPage fof/frontpage
FoF Gamification fof/gamification
FoF GeoIP fof/geoip
FoF GitHub Sponsors fof/github-sponsors
FoF HTML Errors fof/html-errors
FoF Ignore Users fof/ignore-users
FoF Impersonate fof/impersonate
FoF Linguist fof/linguist
FoF Links fof/links
FoF Mason fof/mason
FoF Masquerade fof/masquerade
FoF Merge Discussions fof/merge-discussions
FoF Moderator Notes fof/moderator-notes
FoF Night Mode fof/nightmode
FoF OAuth fof/oauth
FoF Open Collective fof/open-collective
FoF Pages fof/pages
FoF Passport fof/passport
FoF Polls fof/polls
FoF Pretty Mail fof/pretty-mail
FoF Prevent Necrobumping fof/prevent-necrobumping
FoF Pwned Passwords fof/pwned-passwords
FoF Reactions fof/reactions
FoF reCAPTCHA fof/recaptcha
FoF Secure HTTPS fof/secure-https
FoF Sentry fof/sentry
FoF Share Social fof/share-social
FoF Sitemap fof/sitemap
FoF Social Profile fof/socialprofile
FoF Spamblock fof/spamblock
FoF Split fof/split
FoF Stop Forum Spam fof/stopforumspam
FoF Subscribed fof/subscribed
FoF Terms fof/terms
FoF Upload fof/upload
FoF User Bio fof/user-bio
FoF User Directory fof/user-directory
FoF Username Request fof/username-request
FoF Webhooks fof/webhooks

Community extensions

Extension name Package name
Syndication by Amaurycarrade amaurycarrade/flarum-ext-syndication
Flagrow Ads by Andre pullinen andre-pullinen/ads
Money by Antoinefr antoinefr/flarum-ext-money
Online by Antoinefr antoinefr/flarum-ext-online
Flarum Auth Sync by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-auth-sync
Auto Moderator by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-auto-moderator
Categories by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-categories
Checklists by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-checklist
Discussion Templates by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-discussion-templates
Help Tags by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-help-tags
Markdown Tables by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-markdown-tables
Moderator Warnings by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-moderator-warnings
Progressive Web App by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-pwa
Rich Text by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-rich-text
SAML2 SSO by Askvortsov askvortsov/flarum-saml
Catch the fish by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/catch-the-fish
Author Change by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-author-change
Discussion Bookmarks by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-bookmarks
Carving Contest by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-carving-contest
Clippy by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-clippy
Create User Modal by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-create-user-modal
Email as Display Name by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-email-as-display-name
Emoji Picker by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-emojionearea
First Post Approval by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-first-post-approval
Follow Tags Prompt by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-follow-tags-prompt
Group Invitation by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-group-invitation
Group List by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-group-list
Likes Received by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-likes-received
Mailing by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-mailing
Manual Discussion Slug by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-manual-discussion-slug
Passwordless by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-passwordless
Popular Discussion by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-popular-discussion-badge
Post Bookmarks by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-post-bookmarks
Post Permissions by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-post-permissions
Predefined Avatars by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-predefined-avatars
Quiz Polls by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-quiz-polls
Scratchpad by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-scratchpad
See past first post by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-see-past-first-post
Shadow ban by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-shadow-ban
Status by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-status
Translation Inspector by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-translation-inspector
Who read by Clarkwinkelmann clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-who-read
Dashboard by Datitisev datitisev/flarum-ext-dashboard
davwheat Custom Side Nav Links by Davwheat davwheat/custom-sidenav-links
Discussion Сards by Dem13n dem13n/discussion-cards
Topic Starter Label by Dem13n dem13n/topic-starter-label
FFans Clipboardjs by Ffans ffans/clipboardjs
Oauth Vkontakte by Flarumi flarumi/oauth-vkontakte
Oauth Yandex by Flarumi flarumi/oauth-yandex
Flarumite Simple Discussion Views by Flarumite flarumite/simple-discussion-views
Flarumite Simple Spoilers by Flarumite flarumite/simple-spoilers
GB Password Strength by Glowingblue glowingblue/password-strength
GB Redis Setup by Glowingblue glowingblue/redis-setup
Diff by Ianm ianm/flarum-diff
Registration Roles by Ianm ianm/flarum-regrole
Follow Users by Ianm ianm/follow-users
HTML Head Items by Ianm ianm/html-head
Syndication by Ianm ianm/syndication
Synopsis by Ianm ianm/synopsis
UI Tab by Itnt itnt/flarum-uitab
Login2SeePlus by Jslirola jslirola/flarum-ext-login2seeplus
Contactme by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-contactme
Dontgoaway by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-dontgoaway
Guestengagement by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-guestengagement
Hashtag by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-hashtag
Infocards by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-infocards
Keywords by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-keywords
NewsFeed by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-newsfeed
Newsletter by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-newsletter
Pwgen by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-pwgen
ReadMore by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-readmore
Realtimecode by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-realtimecode
Socialcards by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-socialcards
ToastMe by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-toastme
Welcomebox by Justoverclock justoverclock/flarum-ext-welcomebox
Audit Free by Kilowhat kilowhat/flarum-ext-audit-free
Reply 2 See by Kvothe kvothe/reply-to-see
Evergreen by Kyrne kyrne/evergreen
Shout by Kyrne kyrne/shout
Oauth Google by Luuhai48 luuhai48/oauth-google
Oauth LinkedIn by Luuhai48 luuhai48/oauth-linkedin
SSO (Single Sign On) by Maicol07 maicol07/flarum-ext-sso
Achievements by Malago malago/flarum-achievements
Ads by Malago malago/flarum-ads
Imgur Upload by Matteocontrini matteocontrini/flarum-imgur-upload
Discussion views by Michaelbelgium michaelbelgium/flarum-discussion-views
Profile views by Michaelbelgium michaelbelgium/flarum-profile-views
MyBB to Flarum by Michaelbelgium michaelbelgium/mybb-to-flarum
Canonical Url by Migratetoflarum migratetoflarum/canonical
Fake Data by Migratetoflarum migratetoflarum/fake-data
MiniFLAR Admin Notepad Widget by Miniflar miniflar/admin-notepad-widget
MiniFLAR SideNav Download Button by Miniflar miniflar/sidenav-download-button
Minecraft Auth by Nearata nearata/flarum-ext-auth-minecraft
Cakeday by Nearata nearata/flarum-ext-cakeday
Copy Code To Clipboard by Nearata nearata/flarum-ext-copy-code-to-clipboard
Embed Twitch by Nearata nearata/flarum-ext-embed-twitch
Embed Video by Nearata nearata/flarum-ext-embed-video
Minecraft Avatars by Nearata nearata/flarum-ext-minecraft-avatars
Sign Up Confirm Password by Nearata nearata/flarum-ext-signup-confirm-password
Tags Color Generator by Nearata nearata/flarum-ext-tags-color-generator
NomisCZ Steam Login by Nomiscz nomiscz/flarum-ext-auth-steam
NomisCZ WeChat Login by Nomiscz nomiscz/flarum-ext-auth-wechat
Google Login by Saleksin saleksin/flarum-auth-google
Personal Pronouns by Shriker shriker/flarum-pronouns
Follow Users by Simonxeko simonxeko/follow-users
Preview Discussion by Simonxeko simonxeko/preview-discussion
FancyBox by Squeevee squeevee/flarum-ext-fancybox
Action Log by Sycho sycho/flarum-action-log
Advanced Extension Categories by Sycho sycho/flarum-advanced-extension-categories
GitHub Milestone Activity by Sycho sycho/flarum-github-milestone
Profile Cover by Sycho sycho/flarum-profile-cover
Perspective by Tank tank/perspective
FancyBox by The turk the-turk/flarum-ext-fancybox
Stargazing Theme by The turk the-turk/flarum-stargazing-theme
GIFs by Therealsujitk therealsujitk/flarum-ext-gifs
highlight.js by Therealsujitk therealsujitk/flarum-ext-hljs
Show Password by Therealsujitk therealsujitk/flarum-ext-show-password
LDAP login by Tituspijean tituspijean/flarum-ext-auth-ldap
Post Notification by Tpokorra tpokorra/flarum-ext-post-notification
Blog by V17development v17development/flarum-blog
SEO by V17development v17development/flarum-seo
User badges by V17development v17development/flarum-user-badges
Calendar(Events) by Webbinaro webbinaro/flarum-calendar
Neon Chat by Xelson xelson/flarum-ext-chat

Premium extensions

Extension name Package name
Payments by Blomstra blomstra/payments
Readme by Blomstra blomstra/readme
Realtime by Blomstra blomstra/realtime
Backup by Datitisev datitisev/flarum-backup
Maintenance Mode by Datitisev datitisev/flarum-maintenance
Audit Pro by Kilowhat kilowhat/flarum-ext-audit-pro
Custom Paths by Kilowhat kilowhat/flarum-ext-custom-paths
Formulaire by Kilowhat kilowhat/flarum-ext-formulaire
Wordpress Integration by Kilowhat kilowhat/flarum-ext-wordpress
Aegis by Kyrne kyrne/aegis
Websocket by Kyrne kyrne/websocket
ReCache by Reflar reflar/recache
Support by V17development v17development/flarum-support